Swiss Alps 2017-06-03

Mapa švajčiarských Álp

  1. palo812
    Originál autor:
    TheTripping Kangaro0
    Hello All! This is one of my most special maps, the Swiss Alps! This map was created in 3 hours, with only one brush. It's one of the most common brushes out there. So I have always loved the Alps, then got inspiration to make them. And I must say they turned out quite good, some of them are not quite right though. So this map contains, Alps, streams, flowers, bushes, trees, hills and one glacier. Everything was thought out before making, I am very proud of this map. I am not totally sure of the cobblestone in there, but it kinda gives a nice feel. One mountain took me 20 minutes.
    The way everything flows is just beautiful, if you guys have questions please feel free to comment them!
    This is a preview of a much larger map, That will be my 500 subscribers special. But before that, I will be posting a very special desert... If you guys like this map, please feel free to diamond.


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